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BD649 Darlington transistor NPN 100V 8A TO-220

Eq. 2N6043,2N6044,2N6045,2N6532,BD901,BDX33C,BDX53C,BDX53(C-F),BDW23C,BDW63C,BDW73(C-D),BDW93C,TIP100,TIP102,TIP120,TIP121,TIP122,926N,SD686,SE9302,NTE261,NTE263,NTE2343

Williams 5162-09410-00, 5162-12635-00 Williams system 6 Solenoid Driver Board
Bally E-00585-0034
Stern 25A-2-2, X44E198
Zaccaria CE1218
Data East/Sega/Stern 110-0067-00

As used for many solenoid, flashlamp, flipper devices. Mostly used on older (early) solid-state pinballs with 25-50vdc coil circuits. Max. ratings: 60vdc, 5 amps. Replaces factory original parts such as Williams 2N6043, Bally/Stern SE 9302, Game Plan SE9301, Bally/Midway 2N6045, NTE261, NTE263, and F 585-34.

Produktkod: BD649


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